Enhanced Reports to Full ERP

Analytic Solutions can customize the reporting from your current solutions to your precise needs, improve your data collection and aggregation processes, and provide a full enterprise management solution.   Analytic combines proprietary collecting and aggregating tools with a unique mix of customized reporting solutions, so that our clients can see and manage their critical business information in a timely, effective, and impactful manner.


Analytic’s proprietary data collection and reporting tools allow customers to collect and communicate their business information in real time, customized by user level as appropriate.  Critical business information is collected and aggregated from various internal and external sources, and communicated in reports customized precisely to your needs, from summary dashboards to intricate detail, with extensive grouping and analytic options.  Our output is accessible on any desktop, tablet, or mobile platform, with automated updates and alerts as desired.

Analytic integrates data from numerous information management and accounting packages and platforms, including Apprise, Cognos, Diver, Great Plains, HighJump, Inventiv, Microstrategy, ProfitMaker, Quickbooks, Salesforce.com, and TradePulse, among others.  Analytic can also work with your legacy mainframe or server platforms, including proprietary and internally created programs.

Most of our clients have data collection and reporting packages, but want more customized, precise, and timely reports.  Their systems range from complex ERP solutions, to various commercial accounting and sales applications, to internal, spreadsheet-based, or legacy systems.  But they want the customization and specialization Analytic can provide to maximize the utility of their information resources.


Our proprietary solutions can translate your annual operating plan goals to a fully allocated budget, and provide performance tracking, varied by user type, from executive overview to detailed, customized, and real-time reports and analytics.

Analytic can provide ad-hoc reporting customization to your existing software packages for low additional cost.   Many clients, having invested heavily in various aggregation and reporting packages, still desire more customization, better reporting, and communications capabilities for internal and external constituents, designed exactly as the customer desires.  Often, we can customize reporting where the others might not.

Analytic has developed enhancements for customers who already have a substantial investment in various ERP, accounting, data collection, syndicated sampling, and sales and financial reporting systems.


Clients use our solutions to create and track plans and budgets, costs, pricing, profitability, inventory, promotion and allowances, local tax, and other information.  Our reports help you identify opportunities and priorities, keep supplies, inventory, and customer demands up to date, and report and manage results to various constituencies inside and outside your organization, in a protected, secure manner which you control.

Analytic also offers transaction and execution tools for sales order entry, inventory and purchasing optimization, and outside reporting as needed.  We can address highly complex and industry-specific needs regarding cost and local tax inputs, special situations like breakage, floor stock adjustments, depletion and promotion allowances, and other difficult accounting and profitability scenarios.

Analytic’s tools allow you to visualize, analyze, and share the information from the needs of top management and ownership through all desired levels of your organization, and to your constituents.  We tailor the Information as you desire for various levels of your organization as appropriate, and for external users like suppliers, vendors, and other constituents.